Time Mastery and Personal Effectiveness

Course Outline

Time Mastery and Personal Effectiveness

General information on course

Meeting the daily challenge of managing professional and personal responsibilities requires a time management strategy designed to meet your individual needs. The pressure to find innovative ways to achieve goals, pay attention to the competition, respond quickly to both internal and external customer needs, and enjoy life away from work is even more intense in today’s ever changing environment. We just never seem to have enough time. The reality is that we all have the same amount of time, but it’s how we use our time that makes the difference. Time management is more than just buying a day timer, electronic device or smart phone. You need to develop an action plan for real change based on how you currently manage your time. We will show you how. Moreover, you will learn tips and techniques that you can adopt to manage your time more effectively.


Full Day (can be customized to suit your needs and time constraints).

Who Should Attend:

Do you have enough time to do the really important things in your life? Are you missing deadlines at work and letting your team members down? Are you spending enough quality time with your family or friends? Do you want to gain control over your time and your life? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you.


After successfully completing this course, participants will:

  • Identify their time management strengths and opportunities for improvement;
  • Develop a “Can Do” attitude;
  • Set realistic goals that will achieve results;
  • Structure their time to enable them to respond to new opportunities;
  • Discover how to reduce stress in their personal and professional lives by managing their time.


  • Manage your time more effectively to accomplish those things that are most important to you;
  • Identify those habits that are getting in the way of you being more successful;
  • Gain control of your life by developing new habits;
  • Eliminate time wasters;
  • Set and achieve realistic goals;
  • Write an action plan for success.

By means of group discussion, case studies and one-on-one instruction, participants will gain the ability to apply what they learn in this workshop. Training/learning need not end after this session is over. Who offer on-going support at no additional cost to ensure that participants benefit the most from their attendance in this workshop.

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