Things You Should Know About Workplace Safety For Walking-Working Surfaces

Proper footing is an important part of workplace safety for your employees. Walking-working surfaces are simply the areas in which you will definitely have to encounter when moving and working through your workplace.


We want to show you some of the basic workplace safety obligations for keeping your workplace safe for your employees.

  • Ensure that you keep all the storerooms, service rooms, and passageways in a condition that is clean, organized and hygienic.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry all the floors in each of the areas that work has to be done in. Make sure to provide platforms, mats, false floors and maintain your drainage in areas where there are wet processes.
  • Be sure to keep all the floor clean and clear of nails, loose boards, splinters, holes, etc.
  • You need to have sufficient safe clearance through doorways, at lodging docks, for aisles, so that there are no obstructions which could result in hazards.
  • Ensure that you mark out the permanent aisles and passageways in an appropriate manner.
  • Provide guardrails and covers to help keep workers safe from hazards such as vats, tanks, open pits, ditches and more.
  • You must never place, cause or allow anyone to place a structure on a roof or floor, which is heavier than what the roof has approved for the building structure.


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