The Creation And Prevention Of Hazards In The Workplace

Health and safety in the workplace depends on both the employer and the employees. There is no sole person responsible for the well-being of people who come into the workplace. Instead, there are a number of things that a number of people can do in order to create or contribute to a safe and healthy environment for all who enter.


There are some poor workplace practices that create hazards and put personnel at risk of harm or health problems. We’ll show you some of the practices we’re talking about.


  • Unauthorized use of tools or machinery.


  • Operating tools or machinery at unsafe speeds or in violation of the safety code of the workplace.


  • Disablement or removal or safety guards or other such devices from machinery or equipment.


  • The unsafe use or the use of defective tools or equipment.


  • The use of body parts as opposed to the use of the necessary tools or push sticks.


  • Improper use or handling of materials.


  • The repair or adjustment of equipment that is currently in use and operates under pressure, with electricity, etc.


  • No use, misuse or non-maintenance of personal protective gear or safety equipment.


  • Operating under suspended loads, scaffolds, open hatches, etc.


  • Not practicing proper hygiene, lack of proper workplace maintenance, smoking in unauthorized areas and more.


You can prevent hazards in the workplace by having workplace inspections, which includes the following things:


  • Paying attention or actively listening to the concerns of workers and supervisors in relation to health and safety concerns.


  • Getting a better understanding of the various jobs and tasks at hand.


  • Identifying potential and existing hazards.


  • Determining the underlying causes for these hazards.


  • Monitoring hazard controls (such as policies, procedures and safety equipment).


  • Making recommendations on corrective actions.

A safe work place is crucial and ensuring that you have the right safety procedures and policies for things such as working at heights, first aid CPR, confined space entry, as well as things like WHMIS-GHS can create a great work environment that is safe and productive. Since Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd.’s founding, their diverse team of certified health and safety professionals have taken great pride in their ability to deliver prompt, cost-effective and relevant workplace health and safety solutions. As a CPO approved, TSSA accredited, and WSIB approved provider, we look forward to discussing how ACT can help with your company’s safety requirements. Contact us today.





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