Some Things To Ask Yourself About Your Health And Safety Checklist

A health and safety checklist
There are a number of things you need to ask yourself as it relates to the health and safety plan for your business. A good way to ensure that you effectively and accurately complete this is to create a checklist that reflects what you need throughout your plan. That is going to help you to guarantee your participation in keeping your workers and visitors safe when they are at your workplace. In this post, you are going to see some of the main things that you should ask yourself to ensure that your checklist is what it should be.


For planning, you should…

Planning is a vital aspect of workplace health and safety. A safe workplace is not something which occurs spontaneously, it is something that is meticulously thought about, mapped out, and prepared. Proper planning ensures that the steps taken to protect the health and safety of your employees are the right ones to take and are implemented correctly. Without a proper health and safety plan a safe and healthy workplace is all but impossible.

  • Ask yourself how you can show your commitment to the health and safety of the individuals in the workplace.

Questions to ask yourself

Before taking action, you should…

Before taking action, you must ask yourself a number of questions to ensure that you are prepared. This includes being aware of the health and safety risks of your workplace, having appropriate amounts of training, and systems in place to ensure the safety of all. It is important to not take safety for granted, and to be constantly asking yourself necessary questions

  • Ask yourself what you’ve done to make sure that each area of your organization has gotten proper health and safety advice.
  • Ask yourself how you are ensuring that you have sufficiently trained and educated your staff in the necessary health and safety responsibilities.
  • Ask yourself how confident you are that you workforce has proper consultation on matters consulting health and safety advice.
  • Ask yourself if you have the proper systems in place to assess your organization’s risk and to ensure that the employees uphold the control measures.
  • Ask yourself how you can make sure that there is appropriate board-level review of health and safety.

Checking your safety status

For checking your safety status, you should…

Understanding the safety status of your business or organization is an essential part of ensuring adequate health and safety measures for your business. Having a good safety status or being in good standing with health and safety regulators is not only important to avoid penalties and sanctions for your company, but to ensure that your employees are able to work with the knowledge that they are safe. Employees who feel safe are more productive, more satisfied, and more likely to stay at the company.

  • Ask yourself if you are adequately knowledgeable about the things that are happening with your workers in terms of their audits, assessments and roles/responsibilities.
  • Ask yourself what information the board regularly receives about health and safety.
  • Ask yourself how your performance compares to others in your sector or in other sectors.
  • Ask yourself if work arrangement changes have made significant health and safety implications and how they are presented to the health and safety board.

Ontario’s Leading Health and Safety Partner

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