Some Important Employer Workplace Health And Safety Requirements

You, as an employer, are required by the government to provide a workplace which is safe and healthy for all the employees and contractors that you want to work in your business. We’re going to show you some of the things that you need to do to ensure just that.


  • You are required to ensure that you provide and maintaining a safe plant and a safe system of work.
  • You are required to implement arrangement to safely use, handle, store and transport chemicals and other harmful materials.
  • You are required to maintain the workplace so that it remains in a safe condition. No emergency exits should be blocked and you need to ensure that the place is kept neat and tidy.
  • You are required to give your workers and contractors the adequate facilities, like hygienic eating areas, clean water and clean toilets.
  • You are required to ensure that you provide your workers with the right information, instructions, training and supervision which will allow them to work in a safe, healthy manner.
  • You are required to properly monitor your workers’ health, including providing blood tests, hearing tests, monitoring fatigue levels and more.
  • You are required to hang onto information and records which are relevant to the health and safety of your workers.
  • You are required to employ or engage people who can help to advise you on the health and safety issues which may affect your workers.
  • You are required to ensure that you and a health and safety representative can consult with your workers on urgent and direct health, safety and welfare issues in the workplace.
  • You are required to nominate a senior management representative so that they can resolve any health and safety issues that arise.
  • You are required to give your workers adequate information concerning your workplace health and safety arrangements. You also need to ensure that your workers know the names of the people that your workers can make a complaint or inquiry to.


A safe work place is crucial and ensuring that you have the right safety procedures and policies for things such as working at heights, first aid CPR, confined space entry, as well as things like WHMIS-GHS can create a great work environment that is safe and productive. Since Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd.’s founding, their diverse team of certified health and safety professionals have taken great pride in their ability to deliver prompt, cost-effective and relevant workplace health and safety solutions. As a CPO approved, TSSA accredited, and WSIB approved provider, we look forward to discussing how ACT can help with your companies safety requirements. Contact us today.


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