Building Bridges Across The Generational Divide

“How to Build Collaborative Work Teams in Today’s Diverse Workplace”

One of the biggest influences in today’s workplace is the diversity and age of workers. Potentially, four different generations could end up working in the same environment. Each generation has its own set of values, communication styles, and is motivated differently. Within each generation, individuals may want something different from their work and personal lives. These differences can be a source of conflict. People oftentimes come across as being difficult because they handle conflict differently. Diversity in the workplace should be recognized as an organizational strength not a weakness. Managed conflict can lead to healthy outcomes and strengthen relationships both at work and at home. This workshop is designed to spark a lasting change that benefits not only the individual, but also the group as a whole.  It provides all participants with a simple, direct way to understand the different fears that drive much of the conflict and resistance they experience. Participants will learn proven techniques and strategies that reinforce teamwork, improve communication, and reduce stress regardless of who they are working with.


Full Day (can be customized to suit your needs and time constraints).

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is ideal for anyone in a management position, working in customer service, in a support staff role or in a team environment.

What You Will Learn

After successfully completing this course, participants will:

  • Understand the impact that their conflict style has on others;
  • Learn the difference between difficult situations and difficult people;
  • Build empathy and compassion for the needs and struggles of co-workers;
  • Explore ways to communicate more effectively up, down and across the organization.

After This Workshop, You Will Be Able To:

  • Enhance your individual and team problem solving techniques;
  • Learn to better understand, respect and appreciate generational differences;
  • Recognize diversity in the workplace as an organizational strength.

Additional Bonus

By means of group discussion, case studies and one-on-one instruction, participants will gain the ability to apply what they learn in this workshop. Training/learning need not end after this session is over. We offer on-going support at no additional cost to ensure that participants benefit the most from their attendance in this workshop.

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