Lets Get Focused On Management

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Lets Get Focused On Management

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Whether you are in a management position or play a leadership role in your organization, the challenges remain the same. New leadership skills are required in an ever changing, multi- generational workplace. Success in managing or leading others is no longer dependent upon your technical abilities alone. Soft skills – your ability to communicate and interact more effectively with others – now play a more pivotal role in your success and the overall success of your organization. Managers and business leaders must have exceptional people skills and master the ability to connect with others, communicate, educate and delegate effectively. This workshop, based on the “Four Step Leadership Development Model ©” will teach you how.


Three full days (can be customized to suit your needs and time constraints).

Who Should Attend:

Ideal for anyone transitioning into a senior management position or leadership role. A ‘must attend’ workshop for new or current managers, team leaders and supervisors. Seasoned managers will acquire current knowledge about managing and leading the “21st Century Way” when attending this workshop.


After successfully completing this course, participants will:

  • Understand their management style and how it impacts their performance and that of others;
  • Communicate more effectively by improving their listening and communication skills;
  • Gain the knowledge to train and retain an emerging multi-generational workforce;
  • Learn how to motivate others to consistently perform at their personal best;
  • Develop their strategy for dealing better with difficult people and challenging situations.


  • Give effective feedback to improve individual and team performance;
  • Build a collaborative, cohesive team;
  • Set priorities, establish goals and delegate when necessary.
  • Manage your time and your team’s time more effectively.

By way of group discussion, case studies and one-on-one instruction, participants will gain the ability to apply what they learn in this workshop. Training/learning need not end after this session is over. We offer on-going support at no additional cost to ensure that participants benefit the most from their attendance in this workshop.

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