Lets Get Focused On Customers

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Lets Get Focused On Customers

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Creating a customer service culture in your organization must be viewed as the cornerstone of your continued success. Some companies attempt to reinvent themselves in an effort to increase market share by adding non-traditional product lines. The effectiveness of advertising or a marketing campaign based on the four P’s (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) is no longer seen as a strategic advantage. The only advantage that remains to set yourself apart from your competition is the level of customer service you provide. This workshop is based on the “Seven Principles of Exceptional Customer Service”. We believe all customer service personnel need to be FOCUSED© in order to apply the seven principles aimed at delivering exceptional customer service. All organizations have internal or external customers and how you interact with those customers will make all the difference. This workshop recognizes the contribution of all team members in helping to create a winning formula for long-term success.


Full Day (can be customized to suit your needs and time constraints).

Who Should Attend:

Are you new to the sales profession and need to develop your skills as a service provider? Do you want to improve the overall effectiveness of your sales team? Are you a customer service representative needing to enhance your ability to communicate more effectively with your clients? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!


After successfully completing this workshop, participants will:

  • Recognize their customers’ behavioral style(s) and how to adapt their own in any given situation;
  • Learn effective questioning techniques to identify their customers’ real needs;
  • Learn how to develop trust in the buyer-seller relationship;
  • Enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication skills;
  • Learn effective problem-solving techniques to help them cope with challenging customers;
  • Discover the seven steps to exceptional customer service.


  • Develop a “Can-Do” attitude;
  • Communicate and interact more effectively with your customers;
  • Uncover your customers’ needs by asking the right questions;
  • Problem solve and negotiate win-wins;
  • Better deal with difficult people and challenging situations;
  • Increase your average sale and success rate.

By means of group discussion, case studies and one-on-one instruction, participants will gain the ability to apply what they learn in this workshop. Training/learning need not end after this session is over. We offer on-going support at no additional cost to ensure that participants benefit the most from their attendance in this workshop. To find out more about Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd. and what we can do for you and your organization visit www.advancedct.com