How To React To A Significant Workplace Injury


Though most workplace accidents can be prevented, the reality is that accidents can and do happen in the workplace. The more severe the injury, the quicker that action needs to be taken. That’s why, in addition to proper prevention for workplace safety, it’s important to train your staff so that everyone knows what to do in case a workplace injury should occur. Steps must be taken to handle the situation properly and ensure that the injured employee is safe and as comfortable as possible. You and your staff should also keep in mind what can happen after the accident, such as reporting it and dealing with potential legal matters. If you witness a significant injury in your workplace, consider the following steps and actions to take.

Assess the situation

What type of injury is it and how bad does it look?

  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Apply first aid as called for
  • Have someone call 9-1-1 for an ambulance if the injury is severe enough

With emergency services on the phone, they can help you keep the victim stable before the ambulance arrives. If the victim is conscious, talk to them and ask them questions to make sure they stay awake, especially if there is a head injury involved.

Report the injury

Should an employee witness an accident and any type of injury occurs (even non-life threatening), they must report it to their supervisor so that the appropriate actions can be taken. If it is required, a report of the injury must be filed. Also, the safety committee should be made aware of the incident as well as any concerns. No safety committee? We would strongly suggest the implementation of one.

Investigate the incident

Especially if you are unsure of how the accident occurred, take a look around the area to see if there were any code violations were missed. If so, this should also be reported and rectified. If necessary, talk to anyone who witnessed the accident, even if you saw it happen too. They may know something you don’t or saw something that you didn’t. Gathering as much evidence as you can will help to ensure that such an accident never occurs again.

Consult legal counsel

Depending on the severity of the injury, your company could be faced with a lawsuit from either the victim or the victim’s family. This is another reason why you should have all the facts. You want to help the victim and prevent further accidents. You also have a fiscal responsibility to your organization.

Practice Proper Prevention – Talk to Us

Sometimes, there is nothing you can do to stop an accident from happening. However, you should always make sure that the facilities and equipment are up to code. Lack of inspection and maintenance can make your workplace prone to accidents and injuries. In the event of an unforeseen accident, you must have the necessary first aid supplies on hand so you can treat minor injuries and stabilize victims while you are waiting for medical help. Of course, workers should always be supervised or work alongside others so there is always someone around to react quickly in the event of an accident.

If you have concerns about how best to prevent workplace injuries or how to respond to one properly, Advanced Training and Consulting can help. Contact us today to find out about our safety training programs as well as consulting services, and let us help you make your workplace the safest in your field.

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