Health & Safety Inspectors: Update Your Skills & Training

health & safety inspector at job siteGetting your firm prepared for a health and safety inspector visit is essential to identifying your company’s overall operations.

Workplace safety inspections help you leverage observations towards assuring a safer environment for you and your employees.

The safety of your workers is a major point to consider for their sustained welfare and productivity in your business. Essential workplace safety and health procedures increase confidence in employee performance. The right health and safety procedures reduce costly injuries or fatalities capable of giving your productivity a hit.

health & safety inspector on location

Safety in the workplace is not a one-off effort. It entails consistent improvement, updates and maintenance.

That’s why the role of health and safety inspector exists – to ensure that ongoing workplace safety is prioritized in a given company, organization or work site.

Duties of Health and Safety Inspectors

There are several duties of a health and safety inspector. These include:

  • Confirming compliance of companies’ adherence to laid-down regulations and guidelines with regard to health and safety procedures
  • Providing theoretical information and practical materials targeted at risk management and identification of hazards
  • Initiation of disciplinary action against companies found to be violating laid-down best practices for workplace health and safety
  • Giving employers and workers information on their responsibilities and rights under workplace health and safety regulations
  • Improving consultation with employees for enhanced workplace health and safety
  • Delivering recommendations for improved health and safety solutions for the workplace

Health and safety inspectors are saddled with assessing safety in the workplace and making recommendations for improvement and compliance.

Other Duties of Health and Safety Inspectors

ppe safety gear helmet safety glassesWhat other duties do health & safety inspectors perform?

  • Encouraging employers to enlist a planned approach to improve health and safety apparatus at work. Most health and safety inspectors navigate this duty with the aid of a checklist or questionnaire.
  • Providing advice to employers and workers towards controlling workplace hazards. Such measures could include initiating an in-house health and safety team among others.
  • Promoting availability of information, training, and supervision of operations in a volatile workplace. Most inspectors encourage organisations to employ specialized courses and refresher training in this regard.
  • Maximizing the integration of health and safety into every facet of your workplace. Most inspectors encourage the use of a safety culture at all levels of operation.

To be able to perform these functions at the highest level, health and safety inspectors need proper training and skills upgrades.

Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd – Professional Updates of Your Health and Safety Apparatus

With health and safety inspection of your organization reviewed and updated, worker safety gets a significant boost.

But to get the best from updating your health and safety procedures, going it alone is not an option.

health & safety inspector at job site

A solo, in-house approach could lead to several aspects of your health and safety systems not getting covered. That is why you need an experienced team of health and safety professionals running your training and upgrades.

At Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd, we offer cost-effective, timely, and essential health and safety consulting solutions.

Contact us today to find out more about our professional services, and get your team on track for a safer, more efficient workplace.

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