Don’t Lead Alone: How to Create More Safety Leaders in the Workplace

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Every business needs a safety leader to ensure all safe working practices are adhered to and get relevant updates. Maximum productivity in the workplace can only be achieved with proper safety culture in place.

However, safety leaders could become easily overwhelmed when they try to lead in workplaces with a large number of employees working at any given point in time. They can’t be everywhere at once after all. In such circumstances, replication of skills and knowledge is necessary to improve workplace safety.

The main goal of every committed safety leader should be to replicate their skills and knowledge in others.

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In this post, we’ll get to see how safety leaders can create more individuals like them in the workplace easily.

What is a Joint Health & Safety Committee?

A Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) represents a group of manager and employee representatives that come together for internal responsibility practice and safety oversight in an organization. A JHSC is the health & safety representative of a company and usually consists of members from labour and management staff.

Members of this committee meet regularly to create solutions and act on recommendations to solve the company’s health and safety issues. Companies that adopt a JHSC usually have several benefits added to their overall workplace safety system.

Businesses differ in size, and smaller companies may require no more than one health and safety rep for this role.

How Safety Leaders Can Improve Working Conditions

Safety leaders are at the forefront of a workplace’s safety culture. When safety leaders adopt best practices when carrying out their duties, they are likely to:

  • Promote a heightened workplace safety culture
  • Increase brainstorming among employees to rectify unique safety issues
  • Foster better communication in an organization
  • Improve access to better the company’s safety framework

Increased workplace safety driven by members of a company’s JHSC has more benefits. Adopting a functional committee structure for health and safety in your company will provide you with a competitive advantage in your industry.

an employee wearing an orange safety coat talking to a safety leader about their project

How Can Safety Leaders Replicate their Skills and Knowledge in the Workplace?

Safety leaders can replicate their expertise to promote a healthier working environment for all employees. The following actions could make it easy to transfer your skills to other employees:

  • By leading through exemplary actions
  • Creating an inclusive environment for safety maintenance
  • Encourage employees and colleagues to participate in improving workplace safety
  • Advocating continuous learning for safety training in the workplace
  • Adopt practical, result-driven communication to boost contact between employees

Workers will be more likely to adopt your attitude toward safety when these actions are taken. If this happens, it becomes easier to maintain workplace safety at the highest level in your company.

Advanced Consulting & Training – Health & Safety Representative Training

Ensuring best safety practices in the workplace is crucial for employees to become more productive.

A safety leader must have the ability to reproduce competent individuals to create better working conditions. When a business has a generalized approach to ensuring safety, increased productivity is easier to achieve.

a safety leader wearing the proper equipment explaining best practices to a fellow employee

At Advanced Consulting & Training, we offer a training course for health & safety representatives. This workshop is designed to teach participants their role as workplace health and safety representatives.

Contact us today to start working towards a safer workplace for all your employees!

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