Common Workplace Safety Issues Uncovered During Audits and How to Address Them

Every corporation should place a high premium on protecting the well-being of its employees in the hectic and competitive business environment of today. Unfortunately, there are a lot of workplace safety issues hidden beneath the surface that pose serious dangers to employees’ health and productivity.

Hence, the team at Advanced CT would like you to know some common workplace safety issues uncovered during audits and how to address them.


Lack of Proper Housekeeping

Safety Team Inspecting for Workplace Safety Issues

Slips, trips, falls, and other mishaps can result from improper housekeeping procedures. Common problems include cluttered workspaces, obstructed passageways, and inadequately kept items.

Implementing a regular cleaning plan and teaching staff about the value of keeping a tidy workstation would help to solve the problem. Make sure you provide suitable storage options and that all routes are well-lit and signposted.


Insufficient Machine Protection


Worker safety is seriously jeopardized when machines lack adequate protection or safety features. Serious injuries may ensue from exposure to moving components.

Conduct a complete risk analysis of all machinery and equipment to address this issue. To safeguard employees from potentially dangerous machine operations, install the required guards, safety interlocks, emergency stops, and other safety measures. Employees should get machine maintenance and safe usage training.


Lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Compliance


Workers are exposed to numerous risks if personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, or respirators, is not used or provided.

Implement a thorough PPE program that addresses adequate PPE selection, training, and provision in accordance with the unique occupational responsibilities and dangers. Regularly check for compliance and promote a mindset that emphasizes individual accountability for wearing PPE.


Unsafe Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials


Hazardous material handling, labelling, or storage errors can result in chemical exposure, fires, or explosions.

The handling and storage methods for hazardous items should be reviewed and updated. Make that the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available and that containers are properly labelled. Employees should get safety handling and emergency response training.


Electricity Risks


Electrical shock or fire is significantly increased by electrical safety breaches such as exposed wire, overloaded circuits, or incorrectly grounded equipment.

To find and eliminate any possible risks, perform an electrical safety examination. Make sure that licensed specialists install and maintain your electrical equipment. Encourage the reporting of any electrical problems and provide instruction on safe electrical practices.


Inadequate Emergency Preparedness

Engineers Checking Factory for Workplace Safety Issues

Employees may be put at risk during emergencies like fires, natural disasters, or medical issues if there are no emergency preparations, insufficient training, or unsafe evacuation routes.

Create and distribute detailed emergency plans that cover everything from assembly locations to evacuation routes. Regular exercises should be held to acquaint staff with emergency protocols. Give first aid instruction and make sure the essential emergency supplies are available.


Ergonomic Concerns


Worker musculoskeletal ailments and long-term health problems can arise from poor ergonomic circumstances.

Examine the ergonomic dangers associated with workstations and tasks. Put ergonomic concepts into practice by using flexible furniture, good lighting, and frequent pauses. Encourage staff to report any discomfort or suffering by educating them on ergonomic best practices.


Advanced CT – Leaders in Occupational Health & Safety


Workplace safety issues are of the utmost importance and should never be ignored. Because employee welfare is so important, it is both morally and legally required to address these problems head-on. Organizations may greatly minimize the risk of accidents and injuries by conducting frequent safety audits, following good housekeeping procedures, using machine guards, and implementing complete safety programs.

Are you prepared to increase workplace safety to a new level? Contact Advanced CT right now! Any organization’s primary objective should be to increase worker safety. Give your staff the information and abilities they need to recognize and successfully handle concerns with workplace safety. The comprehensive health and safety training programs we provide at Advanced CT are tailored to your sector and unique requirements. Stop waiting for an accident to happen by taking proactive measures to safeguard your staff and your company. Our team of knowledgeable instructors will walk you through the most recent safety procedures, laws, and cutting-edge training techniques. Learn how our training programs can empower your workers, reduce risks, and foster a culture of safety as you take the first step toward a safer future for your business.

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