Common Injuries That Occur In The Workplace

Despite many employees and employers trying to be extra careful, to avoid hazards and to follow all the necessary safety precautions within the workplace, there are still many workplaces that are plagued with constant workplace injuries. Some of these very common injuries that occur in workplaces include the following:


  • Overexertion: This has been recorded as the top injury in most workplaces. Lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, holding and throwing can cause this kind of injury.


  • Falls on same level surfaces: These are falls that happen on slippery or wet office floors or even on pathways to the office.


  • Falls to lower levels: These when a person falls from an elevated area, like a ladder or stairway.


  • Bodily reaction: This is an injury that occurs when a person slips or trips without falling.


  • Struck by object: This injury happens when an object is accidentally dropped by another person or falls from a shelf (or another elevated area), onto a worker. These injuries are usually very serious.


  • Struck against an object: This type of injury happens when a person accidentally collides with solid objects, like doors, walls, tables, etc.


  • Highway Incidents: These are automobile accidents that happen with vehicles that are used for business purposes.


  • Caught in/ compressed by: Usually, these injuries occur in factories where large, dangerous machines are used and they may cause injuries when there is mediocre attention or precaution paid to their usage.


  • Repetitive motion: Injuries like this aren’t are immediately noticeable, like the previous ones, but they have harmful effects in the long run. They can be cause by repetitive motions like typing and other such activities.


  • Assaults and violent acts: These are injuries that occur as a result of office politics or arguments.


A safe work place is crucial and ensuring that you have the right safety procedures and policies for things such as working at heights, first aid CPR, confined space entry, as well as things like WHMIS-GHS can create a great work environment that is safe and productive. Since Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd.’s founding, their diverse team of certified health and safety professionals have taken great pride in their ability to deliver prompt, cost-effective and relevant workplace health and safety solutions. As a CPO approved, TSSA accredited, and WSIB approved provider, we look forward to discussing how ACT can help with your company’s safety requirements. Contact us today




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