Chief Prevention Officer Fines & Penalties for Non-Compliance

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The Chief Prevention Officer fines businesses and individuals because of non-compliance to set standards for workplace health and safety. In 2016 and 2017 alone, the ministry visited thousands of workplaces and imposed over $11 million in fines. The ministry was also able to secure 2,000+ convictions against companies contravening safety compliance regulations.

In 2018, the Chief Prevention Officer fines also saw significant price hikes in 2015 for not meeting OHSA standards. All actions are designed to increase worker protections and ensure workplace safety.

That’s why this article details major fines and penalties individuals, and businesses face for non-compliance. Employers can leverage this information to improve their safety procedures and avoid hefty fines and penalties from regulatory authorities.

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How the Chief Prevention Officer Conducts Safety Compliance Inspections

The Chief Prevention Officer is responsible for the enforcement of OHSA and all its regulations. Inspectors from the ministry usually perform checks for safety compliance. These inspectors usually cover construction, mining, healthcare, industrial, and other sectors.

Inspectors visit worksites after complaints, workplace injuries, fatalities, or routine inspections. During such inspections, the ministry’s inspection team will review JHSC operations to ensure compliance. Inspectors also perform walkthroughs and aid with issues observed at the worksite.

Provisions from the OHSA equip inspectors with different enforcement tools for ensuring compliance to health and safety requirements. Inspectors typically start with compliance orders that provide details on actions employers must take to satisfy laid-down regulations.

If an inspector notices any non-compliance issues in a workplace, the employer often gets a ticket. Tickets are referred to under OHSA regulations and are designated for low-dollar fines. Other fines are frequently demanded after prosecution by a ministry inspector.

Chief Prevention Officer Fines and Penalties for Non-Compliance

The following fines and penalties may be imposed on individuals and businesses found to have contravened OHSA regulations:


Ontario Chief Prevention Officer fines include:

Minor fines

Individuals and unincorporated businesses may have to pay within $300 – $1,000 for a minor non-compliance offence.

a manager doing his due diligence and checking the machinery to ensure it is in good working orderMedium fines

These fines are for individuals contravening OHSA regulations and do not exceed $100,000 for each offence after a successful prosecution.

Major fines

Corporations found to have been non-compliant with OHSA regulations will have to pay $1,500,000 for each offence.


Ontario Chief Prevention Officer penalties include:

Stop-work order

Inspectors may place a “stop-work” order on businesses not meeting expected health and safety standards. The order is lifted once businesses or individuals have met regulations and paid all applicable fines.


Individuals convicted of contravening safety regulations may spend up to 12 months in prison for each offence.

Trust an Experienced Health & Safety Consulting Company to Help You Manage Compliance

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Satisfying laid-down regulations is vital to maintain smooth operations, avoid sanctions, and guarantee worker safety. To avoid Ontario Chief Prevention Officer fines, work with a professional safety consultancy.

An experienced health and safety compliance company will help your business remain law-abiding and manage non-compliance issues professionally. As a part of your efforts to remain compliant, Advanced Consulting & Training offers a Manager Due Diligence and Worker Due Diligence safety program. These courses educate management and workers on their duties and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure everyone remains compliant.

Contact our team to get started on building a safe workplace for you and your employees!

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