What is WHMIS Training?

hazardous material with label

WHMIS means Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. The system was designed to guarantee worker and employer safety in a work environment.

Since 1988, WHMIS symbols must be available at workplaces where hazardous materials are used or stored.

Participants who receive WHMIS training receive complete safety information on hazardous materials used in their workplace.


Why is WHMIS Training Important?

WHMIS training is essential for several reasons. Specification of responsibilities is a major reason why WHMIS training is essential for employees working in hazardous environments.

Suppliers must:whmis hazardous material symbols

  • Determine whether a product is a ‘controlled’ substance in line with WHMIS laws,
  • Label such products appropriately with corresponding WHMIS symbols, and
  • Provide material safety data sheets (MSDS) to consumers (the employer in most cases)

Employers must:

  • Establish training programs for employees tasked with handling hazardous material while at work,
  • Ensure products are labeled correctly, and
  • Check that MSDS documents are available for every product and are easily accessible by workers

Workers must:

  • Participate in training programs and use information gathered for safe handling of hazardous material,
  • Inform employers when labels are not available or unreadable on containers holding hazardous goods.

Suppliers, workers and employers had no specified responsibilities around hazardous materials before WHMIS regulation. But after its passing into law, everyone now has a role to play.

Requirements for WHMIS Training

The four (4) vital requirements for effective WHMIS training include:


Different levels of hazardous products exist and each one receives a classification with other materials within its range.

Trainees must receive extensive information on how hazardous materials should get their classification. The classification phase is vital for suppliers, employers, and workers tasked to handle such hazardous material.


Correct information must always be available to suppliers, workers, and employers to know what product receives what label. Mixing up labels could lead to damaging consequences, especially in industries where highly-reactive chemicals are used.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The Material Safety Data Sheet informs suppliers, workers, and employers about specific products. The products’ chemical composition, properties, precautions, etc. must be available in detail across these sheets.


Worker education is a vital reason why WHMIS training remains relevant. In this aspect of WHMIS training, workers undergo tests to determine if they can apply safety knowledge passed down while on duty.warehouse workers completing whmis safety training online

Proper understanding of labels and data sheets make up a huge part of this WHMIS education for workers.

In-Person & Online WHMIS Training in Ottawa

ACT promotes better employee and employer safety with our WHMIS training program, available in-person or online. The WHMIS course properly positions your business for successful hazard inspections by local or federal authorities.

Through group discussions, case studies and one-on-one instruction, participants will gain the ability to successfully apply what they’ve learned in this course, on the job!

Reach out today, and ensure your workers handle hazardous materials professionally without hassle!


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