Things Employers and Employees Can Do To Promote Workplace Safety

Safety is a very important issue, especially when it comes to the workplace. When employees are getting sick or injured at work, it can be difficult for both workers and employers to deal with. This can be very detrimental to the company with reduced production and added workloads for the remaining employees. That’s why it’s so necessary to promote safety within the workplace, to not only protect the well-being of the workers but the success of the business as well.

Safety is always a team effort, everyone must be involved. We’ll show you how employees and employers alike can work together to promote a safe workplace.

How Employers Can Promote Workplace Safety:

  • Ensure that you’re complying with the workplace safety laws.
  • Allow an occupational health expert to come to your workplace and make health and safety recommendations.
  • Develop the necessary health and safety programming by teaming up with workplace representatives.
  • Give your employees medical screenings at work.
  • Become a part of health and safety committees.
  • Distribute health and safety information and protective equipment to your employees regularly.
  • Host events that showcase or educate health and safety practices and more.
  • Ensure best practices are being followed in every stage and area of work.

What Employees Can Do to Create a Safe Workplace:

  • Make sure that you’re aware of your rights for compensation and refusal of unsafe work.
  • Always wear relevant protective equipment and take steps to minimize risk in your work area.
  • Join or consult a health and safety group and discuss workplace issues and concerns.
  • Take the time to educate and coach co-workers when necessary.
  • Take part in medical screenings, workshops or training opportunities that your labor unions or employers offer.
  • Make it your duty to bring the workplace hazards to the attention of employers, co-workers and health and safety committees.
  • Educate yourself on the contents of the Canada Labour Code

Know that it’s your right to have protective equipment, procedures and training available at your workplace and exercise that right.


work team members meeting to discuss workplace safety

The safety and well-being employees of a workplace is crucial for the overall success of a business. Some of the main ways in which a business can benefit from good workplace safety include:

Healthier Employees – With effective safety training, protocols, and habits, workers will require less days off from being sick or injured.

Social Responsibility – Having dedicated safety programs and procedures demonstrates that your business is socially responsible. This can add significant value to your brand, reputation, and overall image.

Increased Profits – Fewer sick days, increased productivity, motivated employees, and more efficient systems can all be a result of good workplace safety.

A safe workplace is beneficial for the employees, employers, and the entire business. From increasing productivity, to limiting workplace accidents, a workplace safety program can do wonders for the overall success of a company. Contact our team to learn more about the benefits of having a safe workplace and what kind of impact it can have on your business.


workers reviewing safety protocols


A safe work place starts with proper training, safety procedures, and policies. Advanced Consulting and Training provides a wide variety of safety training courses that can provide effective safety solutions to any and all types of businesses. Our team of certified and licensed health and safety professionals can help perform site audits and provide safety consulting if you’re not sure where to stay.


All of our safety programs are TSSA accredited and WSIB approved. Contact us to get more information regarding our safety training programs and to get started with improving your workplace safety.





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