Coping With Stress

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Coping With Stress

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“How can I handle the stress of this job on top of everything else that’s going on in my life?” Does this statement sound all too familiar? Are you looking to find balance and greater satisfaction in both your personal and professional lives? Are you feeling the pressure that today’s fast-paced, ever-changing environment is putting on you? Today’s dynamic, team-oriented organizations require flexible, creative, sustainable performance that only comes from people who know how to balance the urgent demands of work and their personal life, without sacrificing either. High performance no longer means putting work ahead of everything else. Stress is neither good nor bad; it’s a fact of life. It’s how you respond to stress or how well you cope that makes it a positive or negative force in your life. To avoid the peaks and valleys of productivity created by high stress and burnout, you need to gain important insights into how stress in one life area impacts all other areas and how coping resources in one area can be used to decrease stress in another. This workshop will teach you how.


Full Day (can be customized to suit your needs and time constraints).

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is ideal for anyone in a management position, working in customer service, in a support staff role or in a team environment.


After successfully completing this course, participants will:

  • Discover the individual stress issues in all areas of their life;
  • Learn how to capitalize on their coping strengths to manage stress;
  • Learn to minimize or eliminate daily stressors;
  • Identify areas of their coping skills needing improvement;
  • Improve their problem-solving skills to create breakthrough solutions;
  • Develop flexibility in responding to change.


  • Overcome barriers and get the results you are looking for;
  • Communicate more effectively up, down and across the organization;
  • Develop your ‘soft skills’ and enhance overall team performance;
  • Modify your behaviour to achieve your overall goals and objectives and reduce your stress levels;
  • Gain greater life satisfaction and enhance your overall performance.

By means of group discussion, case studies and one-on-one instruction, participants will gain the ability to apply what they learn in this workshop. Training/learning need not end after this session is over. We offer on-going support at no additional cost to ensure that participants benefit the most from their attendance in this workshop.

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