Safety Consulting: Find Hazards You Might Have Missed

professional safety consultant talking to a group of working with a clipboard in hand

Many businesses conduct in-house safety audits to identify lapses in their protective infrastructure as well as their health and safety policies.

However, it can be difficult to maintain proper hazard identification practices without the help of expert health and safety consultants from time to time.

Employing a professional safety consultancy ensures that any safety concerns that you may have missed in your workplace won’t be completely overlooked.

When Should You Contact a Safety Consultancy to Identify Hazards in Your Workplace?

Knowing when you need to seek outside help for hazard identification is crucial. You should contact a safety consultancy in the following situations:safety consultant talking to a forklift operator about safety and hazards

  • Before initiating a new, potentially hazardous activity in the worksite
  • Prior to introducing new machinery or specialized equipment
  • Before new workers begin in their new role
  • When experienced employees begin performing new work duties
  • Post-risk identification, near-miss, or after an accident
  • Based on changes to provincial or federal health and safety regulations

Professional safety consultations will ensure all potential dangers are identified and suitable solutions are suggested.

This will keep your workers safe from potential threats and become less challenging with such an approach.

How Will a Safety Consulting Company Conduct Hazard Identification in Your Workplace

Safety consulting services make use of the following template in identifying workplace hazards:

  • Planning of investigation
  • Risk identification in line with OSH regulations
  • Evaluation of risk and prediction of hazards likely occurrence

Several steps are within these processes are what safety consultants use to ensure all hazards are identifies and addressed.

Common Workplace Hazards Many Companies Miss

fire exit door outside of a warehouseOpen fire exit doors

Fire exit doors may provide much-needed ventilation on a hot summer afternoon, but can be an unnoticed workplace hazard. Fire thrives on oxygen to burn across wider spaces in break-neck speed. So, it’s vital for businesses to keep that emergency exit door closed at all times to prevent an incident from escalating.

Manual handling of heavy items

Handling manual items, especially heavy stuff, is becoming obsolete and dangerous to worker safety. Ensure your workers have nothing to do with handling heavy items without mechanical support.

If you cannot afford heavy-duty machinery to lift bulky items, opt for other handling aids or break up your cargo.

Mental health issues of employees

Many incidents of workplace violence are directly linked to mental health issues of some employees. It is vital for employers to identify how solid the mental state of their employees.

The well-being of your employees is important. When properly taken care of, workers are more productive and efficient. If an employee is suffering from a mental health issue, then recommendations for proper care must be provided, and accommodations need to be made for that employee while on the job.

Poor lighting

Inadequate lighting poses a direct risk to workers, as employees may not see ahead of their present positions. Improper lighting should be avoided on walkways, stairwells, and other public areas workers must navigate.

Ensure you provide adequate lighting for employees at several areas to ensure all hazards are mitigated.

Intoxicated workers

Even if employees don’t usually come to work drunk or high, some seasons may tempt workers to be under the influence. Workers may show up drunk after Christmas break or a major life event.exhausted warehouse worker

Intoxicated workers lack focus, exhibit very poor reflexes, and don’t have sound judgement. Maintaining a safe work environment becomes incredibly difficult when workers are under the influence on the job.

Advanced Consulting & Training – Hazard Identification in Your Workplace

Trying to identify hazards without the help of experienced health & safety consultants leaves your business exposed to unforeseen dangers.

Ensure that resourceful, professional safety consulting services manage your hazard identification processes at all times. With the information this post provides, it becomes easy to secure professional consultancy services to spot workplace hazards.

Contact Advanced Consulting & Training for more information about our safety consulting services.

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