Is Your Workplace Team Properly Trained on Tools & Equipment?

forklift safety training session

Every day, employees operate machinery and equipment across workplaces in Ontario.

The improper use of tools and equipment is one of the major causes of accidents in workplaces.

The proper use of tools and handling of equipment in Ontario and across Canada is based on Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) Regulations. Sections 25, 27, and 28 in the Act outline the duty of employers, supervisors, and workers in regard to machine safety.

It is important to properly train your employees on the necessary tools and equipment needed to run daily operations. Having an effective strategy and implementation for workplace safety training is a major step in ensuring proper operation of workplace tools and equipment.

What Kind of Tool & Equipment Training Do Your Workers Need?

Depending on the type of tools, machinery and equipment that your workplace is using, the type of training required will vary.

Machine Operation

workers at Ontario construction siteWorkers need the right set of instructions and training when they are tasked with operating specialized equipment.

It is essential for employers to provide the necessary training to keep employees from harm or damaging equipment.

Safety Equipment

If your employees work with dangerous tools, it is crucial for them to have the appropriate safety gear.

For instance, workers in mining and manufacturing are at risk of head or face injuries.

It is important for workers to:

  • Know how the safety gear works
  • Know which gear is required for specific tools and machinery
  • Know where safety gear is located
  • Be current on training for safety gear

With this knowledge on safety gear, your workers will be better positioned for a safe workplace.

Tool & Equipment Storage

supervisor conducts workplace safety trainingImproper tool storage could pose risks to employees.

This is particularly the case when your operation requires the use of dangerous equipment.

Sharp tools must be sheathed – and ALL tools must be properly stored when they are not being used.

Mop-Up Activities

At the end of each workday, untrained workers are more likely to leave equipment running or plugged into a power source.

It is essential for workers to receive training on how to properly store equipment at the end of each workday.

Any piece of machinery with an engine or power source must be checked by an assigned team at the end of the day.

Why is it Important to Provide Training for Tools & Equipment for Employees?

steamrollers at Ontario construction siteThe proper use, servicing, and safe handling of equipment is essential in preventing hazards and injuries from occurring.

The major reasons of why it is important to train workers on how to use tools and equipment are to:

  • Ensure adherence to safety regulations for workers operating machinery & equipment
  • Provide the necessary instructions that employees need to operate specialized equipment
  • Assure efficient use of company tools, materials, and machinery
  • Prevent accidents caused by the improper use of machines and tools

When these points are implemented, it becomes safer and easier for your employees to operate tools and equipment.

ACT – Professional Safety Solutions for Businesses

The professional team at Advanced Consulting & Training is here to provide expert safety solutions to businesses.

With the training and resources we provide, your workplace stands a better chance of seeing returns on your workplace safety training investment.

Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd is the leading brand in workplace safety training in Ontario.

Contact us today for expert training on using tools and operating equipment for safer operations in your workplace.


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