How to Relieve Stress to Increase Productivity

stressed warehouse employee taking a break to deal with his anxiety

It is important for employers to understand how to relieve stress to increase productivity from employees. Without the proper structure in place to manage employee stress, workplace productivity suffers.

In this article, find relevant information about how to relieve stress among employees and increase productivity. Following these steps will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your employees and output over time.

Effectively Managing Workplace Stress

The best way to manage stress in the workplace is to manage the workload effectively. This can be done by handling the harder tasks first. Leaving harder tasks for later may seem like a bright idea at the moment – but it badly affects how you manage stress from work.

Larger projects create a massive cloud over every other simple task you need to complete each day. In many cases, poor performance in smaller tasks will be common when a bigger project is left unattended.

Completing complex tasks first makes it easy to focus on smaller and easier tasks without worrying about an important deadline. Such actions positively add to your output on small and equally significant tasks.

Apart from this, here’s a list of other ways to effectively manage stress in the workplace:

  1. Use lists to outline challenging tasks
  2. Introduce and encourage using mindfulness tricks like S.T.O.P
  3. Address obvious workplace stressors
  4. Initiate stress management programs
  5. Encourage wellness initiatives for employees
  6. Provide the right equipment to ease employees’ activities
  7. Delegate overwhelming tasks from stressed employees
  8. Encourage a non-toxic, but competitive working environment for employees
  9. Set work times for optimal performance periods

Following these steps will help employees avoid stress and boost productivity with ease.

Why Is It Important to Manage Stress?

The following are two reasons why workplace stress management is critical.

Managing Stress Helps Prevent Common Work-related Stress Symptoms

When employers effectively manage stressors at work, they prevent the following from affecting employees:

  • Excessive anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Lapse in concentration
  • Decline in assimilation
  • Stunted decision-making skills
  • Limited work efficiency and reduced productivity
  • Communication problems
  • Prolonged fatigue
  • Increased alcohol or drug use
  • Fatigue

…among others. Working to manage stress at work is a smart way to keep your employees focused and safe.

Boost Chances of Easy Employee Retention

Workers will become more attached to your operations and feel less inclined to quit when they are not stressed out.

Engaging your workers with stress management programs also shows you care about their overall health. You won’t find it hard to keep the employees you want with such an approach.

How Can Stress Impact Productivity in the Workplace?

Here are a few ways that stress can impact the overall productivity in the workplace:

Lower Staff Turnover

Workers affected by stress are less likely to turn up for more workdays, which might negatively affect your bottom line.

Avoidable Health Issues

Over the years, there have been several studies conducted that show a link between stress and serious health problems. Obesity, depression, long-term heart issues, and more.

Overstretched workers are more likely to become victims of stress and all its accompanying health challenges. An unhealthy workforce reflects on a company’s overall productivity with time.

Gaps in Operations

Finding a replacement for employees impacted by advanced stress and burnout can be expensive and waste valuable time. Failing to get someone to stand in for employees trained in specialized tasks can cause a rapid decline in productivity.

Advanced Consulting & Training – Coping With Stress

At Advanced Consulting & Training, our workshops and training programs cover a wide variety of topics that include psychological needs. We offer a Coping With Stress workshop to help you find balance in both your personal and professional life.

This full-day workshop can be customized to fit your organization’s specific structure and helps you and your employees discover stressors in your life, learn how to minimize, eliminate, or manage these stressors, improve their coping skills, and more!

As a result, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively across all organizational levels, manage stressors better in the workplace so you can enhance overall performance in the workplace.

If you’re interested in working with our team to manage stress and increase productivity in your workplace, contact us today!

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