Electrical Safety for Office Workers

an office worker tripping over a cable that was placed in a high traffic area of the office

Office safety is a key element to the success of any organization. Employers must guarantee the health and safety of their employees, particularly from electrical hazards.

Employees working in an office setting that contains electrical equipment are exposed to several hazards. Most accidents involving electrical equipment may be due to defects, equipment misuse, or improper installation.

Various recommendations on electrical safety standards are available from OSH, CSA, ANSI, IEEE, and other regulators. Business owners must do their due diligence to guarantee the health and safety of their employees and set standards to avert accidents.

electric safety hazard - water being spilt near an electrical outlet

Proper office safety for your employees makes it easy to avoid hazards and prevent fatal accidents. That’s why this article provides detailed information to help employers identify electrical hazards in their workplace.

Reducing Electrical Hazards in the Office

Reducing electrical hazards in the office can be achieved when proper measures are taken. Here’s a look at many vital ways to protect your employees and property from electricity-related accidents:

  • Avoid overloading an electrical circuit (wall socket, extension cord) during use
  • Remove any appliances that have not been used for long periods
  • Inspect cords regularly for fraying, cracks, or other kinds of damage
  • Use electrical appliances with double insulation and proper placement
  • Don’t overload outlets
  • Use extension cords fitted with surge protectors (avoid plugging in two surge protectors in one outlet)
  • Do not attempt electrical maintenance yourself
  • Avoid routing cords under carpets or across busy walkways
  • Unplug appliances before servicing
  • Don’t delegate tasks involving electricity to inexperienced or unqualified staff

Adopting these steps will make it easy to reduce the presence of harmful electrical hazards at your workplace.

Boosting Office Safety Against Electrical Hazards

multiple electrical plugs and wires tangled under a desk and plugged into one power barEmployees must demand best practices from employers when it comes to office safety against electrical hazards. Here’s a look at some of the most effective steps to boost worker safety in your office:

  • Provide employees information on the correct usage of electrically charged equipment
  • Conduct regular risk assessment checks to ensure all electrical outlets, cables, etc. are not potential hazards
  • Offer proper training to workers that must operate in areas with live electrical current
  • Educate employees on the essence of adopting recognized OSH standards
  • Carry out periodic revisions to all existing definitions to remove existing electrical hazards
  • Use appropriate labeling to identify areas prone to electrical hazards
  • Educate and train workers on emergency response in the event of an electricity-related accident

These steps will be more effective when you enlist an experienced health and safety consulting company. Professional help from an expert health and safety firm limits the risks linked to the use of electrical equipment in the office.

Advanced Consulting & Training – Basic Electrical Awareness

a qualified electrician sorting out an electrical issue at an office

Working with a seasoned health and safety consulting company is the smartest way to maximize protection against workplace electricity hazards. Employers must consult an experienced electrical safety consulting firm to avoid accidents.

At Advanced Consulting & Training, we offer a safety program for basic electrical awareness. During training, everyone will learn legislative requirements, the duties and responsibilities of each person, hazards related to electricity and more.

To learn more about how we can help your office workers stay safe against electrical hazards, contact our team at Advanced Consulting & Training!  We’re ready to get started on making your workplace a safer place.

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