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Tips That You Can Use To Avoid Slipping And Falling In The Workplace

You would be surprised at the number of workers who get injured on a yearly basis, due to fall accidents….

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Safety Information For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas that you can’t see, smell or taste it, but which can easily kill…

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Practices For Electrical Safety In The Workplace

Electricity is a necessity for efficient functioning in daily life, whether it be at home or at work. It is…

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Some Of The Best Safety Tips For Employees Working At Heights

Safety procedures while on the job is a very important aspect of the employees who are working at heights. There…

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Investing In Safety and Preparedness Plans For Your Business

There are some basic things you need to know what to do when an emergency incident comes around. The better…

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Tips For Using Personal Protective Equipment At Work

Some people’s workplaces generally require that their employees make use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) because the job entails a…

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Some Of The Misconceptions That Safety Leaders Face

There are a number of things that people in the workplace believe as it relates to the safety procedures throughout…

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Tips For Preventing Fatal Falls In The Workplace

There is a very large number of deaths that occur as a result of falling in the workplace. It has…

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Tips For The Prevention Of Mold Growth In The Workplace

There are a number of things that occur in the workplace, that can cause serious health problems for the persons…

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Important Tips For Electrical Safety In The Workplace

The Health and Safety Executive has reported that annually; they receive approximately 100 reports of electrical accidents in the workplace…

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Eliminating Exposure To Hazardous Materials At The Workplace

There may be plenty of employees and other personnel present in the workplace, so you have to ensure that you…

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Tips For Working With Tools And Equipment

Working with tools and equipment is no simple matter if you don’t know how to do it properly. There are…

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gloved hand ready to push down button at control panel

New Year’s Resolutions for Workplace Safety in 2020

Are you gearing up for your safest year yet in 2020? Workplace health & safety planning for the coming New Year should start with a message that emphasizes safe operations

safety measures being taken in the workplace

Workplace Safety & Accident Prevention: The Best Organizations Are Proactive

  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."                      -  Ben Franklin That adage certainly applies to accident

scissor lift operating near top of building

How to Choose the Right Scissor Lift Safety Training Program for Safe Working at Heights

A significant number of construction jobs and basic maintenance projects involve working at heights. That's why proper training is essential in keeping workers safe when working at elevated height. Over

team performing safety audit

5 Important Steps to an Effective Safety Audit

An effective Safety audit is one that has be proven to ensure that the business has a safety program in place to reduce incidents and mitigate safety risk to their

worker wearing PPE to mitigate risk of falling from heights

Falling from Height: Tips to Prevent Accidents at Your Job Site or Workplace

A fall from height is one of the most serious safety concerns facing construction sites and many other workplaces. Prevention of falls from height in construction and other businesses is

forklift in warehouse

Six Steps to Ensuring Forklift Safety

If your operations include forklifts, your need for safety precautions is intensified. Here are six steps to help ensure safe forklift operations in your workplace or job site. The Need

workers in safety due diligence

What is a Due Diligence Program

Doing due diligence is, at its core, doing the right thing. For organizations, workplaces and job sites, due diligence for safety means exercising caution and precaution. Let's look at the

window washers operating at heights

Top 5 Safety Mistakes When Working at Heights

Working at heights remains a significant factor in job related injuries.  Worker falls from ladders and poorly secured rooftops remain a major cause of major injuries. When it comes to

health and safety training class with officer

What it Takes to Get a Health & Safety Certificate

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, integral contributions are made by the Health & Safety Committee as well as Health & Safety Officers. Certification is a

materials handling in warehouse

Five Essential Steps for Material Handling Safety

Is materials handling a safety concern in your organization? Surprisingly, it's a source of safety issues in many companies and workplaces. Let's find out why that's the case - and

man vaping at construction site

No Smoking Includes Vape: Reminding Employees Not to Use E-Cigarettes at Work

Vaping has been in the news a lot lately. While smoking e-cigarettes is legal and largely unregulated in Canada, there are significant health factors associated with vapes. When it comes

construction workers laughing at work

Canadian Cannabis Laws: Emphasizing the Importance of Employees Not Getting High At or Before Work

Are your employees getting high? If they're doing so on their own time, in the comfort & safety of their homes or elsewhere, it could be perfectly fine and legal