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Tips For The Prevention Of Mold Growth In The Workplace

There are a number of things that occur in the workplace, that can cause serious health problems for the persons…

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Important Tips For Electrical Safety In The Workplace

The Health and Safety Executive has reported that annually; they receive approximately 100 reports of electrical accidents in the workplace…

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Eliminating Exposure To Hazardous Materials At The Workplace

There may be plenty of employees and other personnel present in the workplace, so you have to ensure that you…

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Tips For Working With Tools And Equipment

Working with tools and equipment is no simple matter if you don’t know how to do it properly. There are…

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The Types Of Workplace Hazards That You Should Know About

There are a number of incidents and accidents that may occur in the workplace as a result of various hazards…

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The Creation And Prevention Of Hazards In The Workplace

Health and safety in the workplace depends on both the employer and the employees. There is no sole person responsible…

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Some General Information About Safety In The Workplace

If you are an employer who has workers that are young (people under the age of 15 especially) and people…

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Safety Program Elements For The Workplace

The safety of workers in the workplace should always take priority. You need your workers to stay safe and able…

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Required Information For A Confined Space Entry Permit

Workplace safety is and should always be considered as a very important part of the daily actions of the employees…

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Myths About Workplace Safety You Should Ignore

There are various things about safety in the workplace that employees tend to get wrong. Some of these are as…

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Tips For Dealing With An Accident At Work

You’d be surprised at the colossal number of working days that businesses loose because of accidents that their employees get…

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Common Injuries That Occur In The Workplace

Despite many employees and employers trying to be extra careful, to avoid hazards and to follow all the necessary safety…

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Safety Tips for Working on Roofs & Elevated Platforms

Worker safety is a top priority for any construction job site. When the job involves an elevated work site, safety planning for working at heights is of paramount importance. As

construction worker feels stress at workplace

How to Manage & Mitigate Stress in the Workplace

  Do you have a stressful workplace? Some employees might surprise you in their answer. Stress isn't the worst thing in the world, mind you. There's good stress and bad

man using headphones at the workplace

Protecting Hearing & Reducing Exposure to Noise in the Workplace

  Crash! Boom! Bang! Those are routine sounds heard ‘round many a work site. While most workers are accustomed to these sounds and aren’t fazed by them, there could be

man wearing safety glasses renovating a house

Tips to Prevent Eye Injuries in the Workplace

    Over 20,000 eye injuries occur on the job every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates, costing hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity and medical treatment

man in a woodworking shop

6 Important Safety Tips for Small Businesses

  Typically, a small business wouldn’t be staffed with a full-time safety manager or officer. Yet it does not automatically follow that the business would have issues with safety. A

workers in hard hats at construction site

Essentials for New Employee Safety Training & Orientation

Business has been great, and you need to hire additional people to keep up with the volume. You already have a strong safety culture at your operation, and want to

man in hard hat & vest checklist

Safety Myths & Facts: Making Your Workplace Safer

Most anyone would agree that an effective safety program is something all businesses should strive for, regardless of size, location, corporate structure, or type of business. People often have their

small business welding with safety glasses

Safety Training on a Small Budget

One of your biggest obligations as an employer or business owner is to give your employees a safe working environment. They have the right, and you have the responsibility, to

lockout tag out tag in workplace

Lockout/Tag-Out: High Energy Machine Lockout Basics

Is your workplace using proper Lockout procedures? Are you familiar with Lockout / Tag-out? In an industrial setting, many of the devices used possess something known as Hazardous Energy. It

team meeting with ideas for safety

The Importance of Health and Safety Committees in the Workplace

“Why would a company invest the resources, time, and money to create a workplace Health and Safety Committee?” That’s a reasonable question! After all, we have a veritable alphabet soup

first aid being administered to injured worker

How To React To A Significant Workplace Injury

  Though most workplace accidents can be prevented, the reality is that accidents can and do happen in the workplace. The more severe the injury, the quicker that action needs

scissor lifts parked outside

7 Tips For Working On Or Around Boom Lifts

Boom lifts, part of the Aerial Elevated Work Platform (AEWP) category, are extremely helpful in gaining access to hard-to-reach places for jobs such as maintenance, construction, and emergency response. In