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Awareness Is Safety

All over the world, different countries have similar safety systems in place, but with the advent of globalization, a universal…

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Safety Tips For Working On Ladders, Mobile Elevated Platforms, And Scaffold Towers  

If you are employed in a job that requires that you work at height, you have to ensure that you…

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Risks, Hazards And Preventative Measures For Construction Companies  

Construction can be a tricky business – one which isn’t very safe either. There are a number of things you…

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Tips For Safely Handling Tools At Work

Misuse or misplacement of tools and equipment at the workplace can lead to unfortunate health and safety issues, which can…

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Tips To Involve Your Employees In Health And Safety At Work

Getting your employees actively involved in your workplace’s health and safety programs at work is a great way to ensure…

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Legislation For Protecting Young Employees In The Workplace

You, as an employer, must be at the top of your game with the health and safety management system within…

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Evacuation Checklist And Procedures For Emergencies At Work

Sometimes, emergencies within the workplace may require you to exit the building or area in order to stay safe or…

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Tips For Providing Good Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

The health and wellness of your employees should be of the utmost importance to you and to your entire company….

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Tips That You Can Use To Avoid Slipping And Falling In The Workplace

You would be surprised at the number of workers who get injured on a yearly basis, due to fall accidents….

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Safety Information For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas that you can’t see, smell or taste it, but which can easily kill…

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Practices For Electrical Safety In The Workplace

Electricity is a necessity for efficient functioning in daily life, whether it be at home or at work. It is…

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Some Of The Best Safety Tips For Employees Working At Heights

Safety procedures while on the job is a very important aspect of the employees who are working at heights. There…

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staff checking fire extinguishers

Luck Is What Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparedness

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” This adage, which has been said by many and has a few variations to it, is really a gem in the safety

safety at job site

The ROI of Investing in Safety Training

What's your organization's safety worth to your bottom line? If you're committed to the safety of your workers and your community, you probably already know the value of a safety

construction team at project site

The Difference Between Managing Safety and Being a Safety Leader

  An organization needs leadership to drive great performance in all areas. Leaders are critically necessary to help define safety goals, develop implementation procedures, and ensure compliance for the company’s

staff cover mouths while escaping fire

Fire Safety Awareness – Full Participation Required!

Fire poses a tremendous safety risk for any business, workplace or organization - one of the biggest safety issues we see, in fact, yet one that is sometimes overlooked or

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How to Prevent Fraudulent Training Certificates from Appearing at your Work Site

Your work site operation depends on safe and efficient performance by the many qualified employees on site. The vast majority of your employees are appropriately certified to perform the jobs

construction site with workers discussing plans

How Does a Good Safety Record Help Your Business?

Your business needs a safe and healthy workplace so that employees can not only survive but thrive and work to their full potential. A good safety record demonstrates the success

safety training instructor conducting safety training

How Often Should You Update / Refresh Your Workplace Training?

  Workplace Safety Training requires continual monitoring and maintenance to stay current and effective. A safe work environment requires a commitment by leadership and the responsible participation of all staff.

safety culture in workplace

Prevention vs. Reaction: The Foundation of Safety Training

Prevention, as opposed to reaction, is the cornerstone of safety awareness & training. While it may seem like basics, we can't underscore enough the need to be proactive when it

worker sits at computer with repetitive stress injury

Repetitive Stress Injuries: Why Ergonomics Matters

Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) occur by repeatedly performing the same or similar movements over a period of time. This can ultimately result in injury to the soft tissues, such as

distracted factory worker on phone unsafe

Five Essential Workplace Safety Tips for Everyone to Know

Workplace injuries and accidents take a huge physical as well as financial toll. In the US alone, this economic cost is nearly $200 billion every year. There are an estimated

worker drinks water stays hydrated while outside in summer heat

Working Outdoors Safely with Summer Storms & Heat in Mind

Summer in our part of Canada is a long-anticipated event, following those long, harsh winters that seem to never end. Summertime means family fun and outdoor activities, but it can

AED defibrillator training with dummy

Are You Due for a First Aid Refresher Course?

  A course in First Aid is an important component of your workplace safety program.  Given the daily demands of everyone’s work activity, first aid training might get set aside